Creative ways to use online ordering QR codes for your hospitality business

QR codes are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to order food and drink from hospitality venues. They are convenient, easy to use, and can be scanned by any smartphone.

However, many restaurants and similar venues selling food and drink are still not using QR codes to their full potential. So, with that in mind, here are some creative ways to use online ordering QR codes.


Put Your QR Code on Social Media to Facilitate Online Ordering

An excellent way to increase revenue from your online ordering system is to create menu QR codes and put them on social media. This makes it easy for potential customers to find your digital menu without having to search through your website or app.

You can put the QR code link in your profile bio on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You could also create a post specifically about online ordering, highlighting how easy it is to order with the QR code, and share this across your social media platforms.

Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags so that potential customers can easily find your post. For example, you could use #QRcodemenu, #onlineordering, or #easyfooddelivery to have your posts reach audiences searching for hassle-free ordering solutions.


Print QR Codes on Direct Mail Ads

If you have regular success promoting your restaurant or bar using direct mail campaigns, then you could also include QR codes on your print ads. You could put the code in a prominent position, such as the center of the ad, or make it part of the design.

Including a QR code in your direct mail marketing collateral will allow people to spot it and scan it, bringing up the online ordering system for your restaurant in seconds. This is an excellent way to increase online orders, as it makes the process of ordering much quicker and easier for customers.

Rather than calling your establishment or physically typing your website URL, customers can go straight to your online ordering page by scanning the QR code.


Add a QR Code to Your Email Signature

Another way to increase online ordering is to add the QR code for your menu to emails that you send to your customers. Whether you are sending them informational content or promotions, including a QR code in your email signature is a great way to make it easy for customers to find and order from your restaurant.

This is a particularly effective method if you have an extensive database of existing customers that you regularly communicate with via email. You could even add the QR code to any automated emails you send, such as receipts or confirmation messages.

Including the QR code in your email signature is a subtle way of promoting online ordering, and it doesn’t require any additional effort on your part.


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Add QR Codes to Receipt to Bring Up an Unpaid Invoice

One of the biggest gripes of restaurant customers is waiting to pay their bill at the end of the meal when they simply want to leave. This issue can often lead to people leaving without paying, which is a significant issue for hospitality businesses.

If you want to reduce the number of unpaid bills and increase customer satisfaction at your dining establishment, you could add a QR code to receipts that bring up an invoice for the customer to pay online. This would allow them to settle their bill quickly and easily via your online ordering POS software without waiting for a server to process their payment manually with a central or handheld POS terminal.

Using QR codes in this manner is an excellent solution for busy restaurants that want to reduce the time customers spend waiting to pay their bills and increase the turnover frequency of covers during service. It would also allow you to increase online sales, as customers would be able to add additional items, such as dessert or drinks, to their order.


Use a QR Code to Validate a Coupon

QR codes are incredibly versatile pieces of technology, and they can do so much more than merely function as a gateway to your online ordering system. For instance, instead of using a QR code for a menu, you could use the technology to validate customer coupons.

This would allow you to track how many people are redeeming coupons and which offers are the most popular through your backend POS and attached data analytics software. You could also use it as an opportunity to upsell customers by adding additional items to their order when they scan the QR code to redeem their coupon.

Validation via QR codes is a great way to increase online sales and encourage customers to take advantage of your promotional offers.


Use a QR Code to Promote Your Yelp Page

As mentioned, QR codes are a limitless technology, allowing you to use them however you please. So, in addition to creating digital menus and links through to your online ordering systems, you can also use them to promote your business page on Yelp.

By scanning the QR code, customers will be taken directly to your Yelp page, where they can read reviews, leave feedback, and learn more about your restaurant, making it an excellent method to increase online visibility and reach a wider audience of potential customers.


Harness the Power of QR Codes for Your Hospitality Business with POSTRON

There are many creative ways to use QR codes to increase online ordering, boost in-person sales, and promote your hospitality business. From adding them to email signatures and receipts to promoting your all-important Yelp page, QR codes are a versatile tool you can use in various ways.

If you want to harness the power of online ordering QR codes for your hospitality business, POSTRON can help. We’re a leading provider of QR-code-ordering solutions for restaurants, cafes, bars, food trucks, and similar hospitality businesses.

With our easy-to-use POS solution, you can create digital menus that seamlessly integrate with online ordering systems, mobile apps, and your existing website. We also offer a wide range of features to help you run your business more efficiently, including real-time data analytics, online payment processing, and much more.

To learn more about how we can help your business harness the power of QR codes, why not book a free demo of our industry-leading POS solutions today?

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