Compatible with all POSTRON POS devices

$29.99 per month
($19.99/mo for each additional device)

Compatible with all POSTRON POS devices

$69.99 per month
($39.99/mo for each additional device)

Compatible with all POSTRON POS devices

Manage your tables
Take orders in the quick-serve mode
Build a table map with multiple dining areas    
Check table availability    
Move, split, merge tables    
Add a temporary table    
Open tabs    
Manage your items
Add modifiers
Add tags to items
Set discount
Set BOGO rules  
Create a special menu for happy hour  
Edit menu and get it updated automatically
Manage your QR codes
Dine-in self-order: customers can scan the QR code living at the table to check out the menu then send a notification to waiters after putting items in the shopping cart.     
Fast food self-order: customers can scan a QR code to get the menu and confirm their orders at the cashier.  
Online ordering with QR code: customers can scan the QR code to access the online order page, place an order and pick up the meal in-store.  
Send newsletters with coupon QR code    
Scan the QR code to verify the coupon    
Tipping and checking
Eating then paying    
Move, merge ticket by chair/person    
Split checks by item, by chair number, or evenly    
Split payment methods
Tip suggestions, add tips to checks, assign tips to waiters
Accept credit card payments in real-time and take cash payments on the countertop terminal, without an Internet connection 
Support wireless credit card terminal
Get paid through loyalty points  
Get paid by a physical gift card  

Send electronic receipts via email or text message    
Manage orders
Add a special note to order
Tag orders with chair number    
Call an order out by searching invoice number or scanning the QR code on the receipt
Categorize order tickets by date, employee, and order type  
Print/re-print receipt
Receive service calls from dine-in guests on POS devices    
Loyalty program
Create a member account on the POS device  
Offer reward points for every qualified purchase  
Check order history of members  
Allow customers to pay by reward points  
Send newsletters to a designated customer group  
Issue physical gift cards  
Inventory management
Set stock level for each item    
Show restock amount    
Show available amount of each item    
Temporarily set an item as sold out    
Data analysis
Read the sales report on the management platform
Download report from POS management platform
Check out sales reports on POS devices    
Manage your team
Staff clock-in/-out
Check attendance report    
Training mode
Payroll calculation    
Manage your equipment and accessories
Remote troubleshooting
Add a customer display showing order summary and ad banners
Show specific items/prices on different POS devices  
Pair receipt printers with POS terminals
Assign a ticket printer to a specific workstation



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